If you have a VoLTE-capable phone and still not getting VoLTE services on it. Just follow this concise guide to activate VoLTE on your device.

In February 2018, Vodafone launched VoLTE services in metropolitans and select cities in India. The enhanced service is available for free of cost but you need to have a VoLTE-capable device. If you have either Prepaid or Postpaid connections, this guide will work for both of them. Follow these simple steps for activation (please note, these steps are for Android users only, sorry Apple fans.)

What You Will Get?

Notice the VoLTE icon on the status bar next to the 4G signal strength.

VoLTE active screenshot

So Let's Get Started

From Within Your Phone Settings:

Step 1: Go to Settings.
Step 2: Tap on Mobile networks.
Step 3: Look for VoLTE option and turn on VoLTE Mode.

Note: Also make sure that your device’s firmware is up to date (including the one that should be able to turn on VoLTE.)


Hard Reset & Wipe:

Make sure your device is charged more than 60%.

Disclaimer: This step would erase the data present on your phone, I would strongly recommend making a backup of your personal data before proceeding.

Step 1: Turn off your device.
Step 2: Press and hold Power and Volume Down Button
NOTE: Other common button combinations are

  • Nexus devices - Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power
  • Samsung devices - Volume Up, Home, and Power
  • Moto devices - Volume Down and Power
  • Other devices generally use Volume Down and Power. Some devices with physical user interfaces may use the Power and Home buttons.

Step 3: When you are in Recovery Menu, look for wipe data/factory reset, use the Volume keys to navigate and Power Key to select.
Step 4: Similarly, look for wipe cache partition, after performing both wipes, Reboot the phone.

Note: If the VoLTE icon in the status bar is still not visible then you probably Vodafone need to enable VoLTE for you from their backend, for that follow these steps:


Get VoLTE Enabled From Backend by Vodafone:

Sometimes Vodafone needs to enable the VoLTE service on your number from their backend, to generate a request you can follow these steps:

  • Call 198 (toll-free) from your registered Vodafone number or call Vodafone Care on +91 9811098110 (if you live in Delhi, otherwise please check the number online for your circle) from any phone.
  • Write a mail to Vodafone at vodafonecare.del@vodafone.com, if you live in Delhi. Otherwise please check the mail address online for your circle.

You might get a reply something similar to this:

email from Vodafone

I hope these steps will help you enable VoLTE on your number. If there is any other concern, I will advise you to visit the Vodafone Store near you.

Thank you for reading.